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Questionnaire for the Evaluation of Performance Indicators for Road Pavements

Objective for the Evaluation of Performance Indicators

The main objective of the Action is the definition of uniform European performance indicators and indexes for road pavements (PI) taking the needs of road users and road operators into account.

A quantitative assessment of individual performance indicators provides guidance regarding present and future needs in road pavement design and maintenance at both the national and the European levels. By specifying limits and acceptance values (e.g. target values, alert values, threshold values, etc.) for individual performance indicators minimum standards can be laid down for both projected and existing road pavements. Performance indicators should be defined for different types of pavement structures and road categories.

A further objective is the grouping of these individual performance indicators or indexes into representative combined performance indexes as:

Functional performance indexes related to road safety and riding comfort (demands made on road pavements by road users)
Structural performance indexes (structural demands to be met by the road pavement)
Environmental performance indexes (demands made on road pavements from an environmental perspective)


In order to provide a basis for later improvement of the performance index beyond the life of this Action, this Action foresees establishing, in the context of environmental performance indicators, what information is available, and what would be necessary to include a factor describing the extent to which road pavement includes recycled materials, or a factor describing noise and air pollution, etc. Finally, based on the combined performance indexes a global performance index will be defined for describing the overall condition of the road pavements, which can be used for general optimisation procedures.


Aim of the Questionnaire

The primary aim of this questionnaire is the collection of existing available information about performance indicators and indexes for road pavements, which are applied in practice (routine) or for research purposes as well as indicators and indexes, which are in "development" at the moment. The questionnaire deals exclusively with performance indicators and indexes, which are related to the structural maintenance of road pavements and not to operatonal maintenance (e.g. winter maintenance).

The information will be the basis for the following up work to develop uniform European performance indicators and indexes. The output of the questionnaire is going to be stored in a special data base, which can be distributed to all participating experts and non-experts, policy makers, research institutes, etc.


Structure of the Questionnaire

The structure of questionnaire is designed for an easy and clear input of the information about performance indicators for road pavements. To make the filling in as easy as possible the questionnaire is annotated and provided with "push buttons" and "red arrows", which helps you to find the right tables. If you follow the instructions, you will be guided almost automatically through the different levels and tables of the questionnaire.

Fields, which are marked with little red triangles, contain comments with additional explanations. The comments will be visible, if you move the cursor or the mouse pointer to these fields.

Furthermore the questionnaire is provided with "Further Comment" fields, which allows you to add additional comments, references, and information, which could not be filled in in the provided fields (format of field, length of field, etc.).

In the first row of each table you will find an example how to fill in the information. Corresponding rows (e.g. Single PI and Data Collection) have the same background colour to show you the right connections and links.

Download QUESTIONNAIRE (3,6 Mb)